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Hannes Snellman counsel to Sensys Traffic in the acquisition of Gatso Beheer B.V.

Sensys Traffic has entered into an agreement to acquire the Dutch company Gatso Beheer B.V. for a total consideration of approximately MSEK 278.

The acquisition of Gatso Beheer B.V. and the merger of the operations of Sensys Traffic and Gatso Beheer B.V. will create the largest supplier of traffic enforcement equipment.

Proposal concerning the amendments to the Finnish wind power feed-in tariff system is being circulated for comments

The Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy is requesting comments for the draft government bill for amending the Act on Production Subsidy for Electricity Produced from Renewable Energy Sources (Feed-In Tariff Act).

The draft government bill does not propose amendments to the current feed-in-tariff system capacity of 2500 MVA. For those wind power plants that will be approved for the feed-in tariff system the proposal does not contain amendments to the total capacity of 2500 MVA nor to the production subsidies for produced electricity.

Hannes Snellman counsel to Biotie Therapies Corp. in its U.S. public offering and listing on the NASDAQ Global Select Market

Hannes Snellman advised Biotie Therapies Corp. in the company’s U.S. public offering of American Depositary Shares (ADS) representing the company's shares and listing on the NASDAQ Global Select Market as well as in the preceding private investment by certain U.S. investors and existing shareholders. The gross proceeds raised by Biotie through the U.S. public offering and the private investment was approx. EUR 83 million.

Hannes Snellman counsel to Recipharm in the acquisition of OnTarget Chemistry

Recipharm acquires OnTarget Chemistry and extends its offering into preclinical development services. Recipharm has completed the acquisition of OnTarget Chemistry in Uppsala, Sweden. OnTarget Chemistry is a fast growing CRO company specialized in medicinal chemistry offering synthesis and analytical services which include rare and demanding specialties.  50% of the purchase price was paid in cash and the remaining 50% was paid through an issue in kind of 45.838 series B shares in Recipharm.

Hannes Snellman counsel to Vopak in the divestment of its terminals in Sweden

Royal Vopak sold the Swedish entity Vopak Sweden AB to Inter Pipeline Ltd., a transportation and storage company based in Canada. The divested entity consists of four terminals: Vopak Terminal Gothenburg, Vopak Terminal Gävle, Vopak Terminal Malmö and Vopak Terminal Södertälje.

Hannes Snellman counsel to Lemminkäinen in the sale of Swedish businesses

Lemminkäinen has signed letters of intent regarding the sales of all outstanding shares in its Swedish subsidiary Rekab Entreprenad AB to Rekab’s current management as well as Rekab’s Malmö business to Swedish Wästbygg Group and Rekab’s Uppsala business to Norwegian Veidekke Group.

Richard Åkerman and Nils Svantemark act as legal advisors to Lemminkäinen.

TeliaSonera and Spotify to expand innovation partnership - Hannes Snellman counsel to TeliaSonera

Following more than five years of successful partnership, TeliaSonera and Spotify have decided to further boost co-operation. TeliaSonera will join forces with Spotify to take innovation to the next level and will additionally make an equity investment of USD 115 million. Under the new strategic partnership, TeliaSonera is investing USD 115 million  for a 1.4 percent stake in Spotify. Both companies are also committing resources, staff and other assets to ignite the joint innovation agenda within areas such as media distribution, customer insights, data analytics and advertising.

Service agreement signed for E18 Hamina–Vaalimaa motorway – Hannes Snellman counsel to the FTA

Today, the Finnish Transport Agency (FTA) and Tieyhtiö Vaalimaa Oy have signed a nearly 20-year service agreement to build and maintain the Hamina–Vaalimaa motorway on a public-private partnership basis. The agreement includes the planning, construction, funding and maintenance of the motorway. The road is planned to open to traffic in spring 2018. Road construction works are expected to commence immediately. The main contractor is YIT Construction Ltd.

Hannes Snellman counsel to Priveq Investment in the divestment of Mediplast AB

Hannes Snellman acts as counsel to Priveq Investment that after five years' ownership in Mediplast AB divests the company to Addtech Holding, a company within the Addtech Group. RoosGruppen AB, the main owner of Mediplast, will remain minority owner together with the management of Mediplast and other companies within Addtech's business Life Science.

Proposed amendments to the Finnish feed-in-tariff system

The Finnish Government has announced a strategic governance program for the next four years on 27 May 2015. According to the appendix of the governance program, the current feed-in-tariff system capacity has been planned to be reduced from 2500 MVA to approximately 2000 MVA. The government bill for amending the Act on Production Subsidy for  Electricity Produced from Renewable Energy Sources (1396/2010) is planned to be given soon, possibly in the coming weeks.



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