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Hannes Snellman Counsel to a Real Estate Company in a Case Regarding VAT Deduction of Real Estate Investments

19 December 2023

Hannes Snellman's indirect tax team assisted a real estate company in a case regarding the VAT deduction of real estate investments. The Finnish Tax Administration had not accepted the VAT deductions made by the company because it had found that the premises were used for both VAT taxable and VAT exempt activities. In the case, it was evaluated from the VAT perspective how the leasing area can be determined per floor of the building while also considering how the premises are described in the articles of association.

Assisted by Hannes Snellman's tax team, the company appealed the Tax Administration’s decision to the Administrative Court and was able to prove that the premises were mostly used for purposes entitling to a VAT deduction, wherefore the company had had the right to deduct the VAT of the costs related to these premises that were used for VATable purposes. The company won the case in the Administrative Court, after which Hannes Snellman assisted the company with the preparation of corrective VAT returns and the refund of VAT that had been groundlessly left unrefunded.

Our core team comprised Piia Ahonen, Marika Sorsa, and Isabella Kartila.

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