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Hannes Snellman Becomes a Millennium Innovation Forum Partner

29 February 2020

Nordic law firm Hannes Snellman has begun cooperation with Technology Academy Finland (TAF) as a Millennium Innovation Forum partner on 26 February 2020.

The Millennium Innovation Forum, which takes place on 27 May, provides a unique platform for discussing and exchanging ideas at the interface of revolutionary future technologies and innovations. The partnership with Hannes Snellman will improve dialogue and cooperation between the industry and the academic world.

Innovation – requiring persistence, courage, expertise, and protection - is the key to solving the biggest challenges of our time. Innovation is also required of companies to survive and thrive in the age of disruption. We share the view that innovations arise from openness and when those of different viewpoints and competencies work together. Through collaboration with the Millennium Innovation Forum, we want to contribute to the dialogue between different areas of expertise and promote groundbreaking innovations that can benefit millions of people around the world”, says Riikka Rannikko, Managing Partner of Hannes Snellman in Helsinki.

The Millennium Innovation Forum partners emphasize borderless collaboration and intersectoral approaches, which are needed to transform revolutionary ideas into breakthrough innovations with global commercial viability and new socioeconomic value.

The protection of ideas is in the heart of innovation industry and forms a base for commercialization. As the first Millennium Innovation Forum Alpha Partner, Hannes Snellman shows their expertise and agility as one of the core players in the innovation industry”, says Ari Ahonen, CEO of Technology Academy Finland.

The Millennium Innovation Forum celebrates the Millennium Technology Prize, which is the world’s most prestigious award for innovations that improve the quality of people’s lives. The 2020 prize, one million euros, will be awarded on 26 May.

Further information

Taina Tenhunen
Head of Tech and Innovation, Hannes Snellman, +358 9 2288 4214

Ari Ahonen
CEO, Technology Academy Finland TAF, +358 400 618 300