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Provisional and Emergency Measures in International Arbitration – Chapters Written by Hannes Snellman’s Dispute Resolution Experts

25 August 2023

Anna-Maria Tamminen, Ella Hiltunen, Marcus Nyberg, and Isabelle Sundström Stridh have written Part III (Procedural Requirements for Ordering an Interim Measure) of the recently published book “Provisional and Emergency Measures in International Arbitration”, edited by Julien Fouret. The book is part of the Elgar Arbitration Law and Practice series.

Our lawyers’ contribution comprises chapters discussing both emergency reliefs ordered by an emergency arbitrator (Chapter 13) and provisional reliefs issued by an arbitral tribunal (Chapter 14).

Chapter 13 discusses emergency arbitration proceedings, i.e. proceedings before the constitution of the arbitral tribunal in a case where urgent interim measures are needed. It covers elements forming due process, considerations related to ex parte interim relief, the various phases forming the emergency arbitrator proceedings, and finally the order or award issued by the emergency arbitrator and the contents thereof. In contrast, Chapter 14 addresses provisional relief applied for once the arbitral tribunal has already been constituted.

The whole book is available here.

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