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Colleague to Colleague: Salla and Klaus

21 May 2021

Legal Assistant Salla Mäki and Specialist Partner Klaus Metsä-Simola both work in the Real Estate team at our Helsinki office. The pair has worked together for nearly five years, and we asked them to describe each other under pressure.

Nerves of Steel

“Klaus has nerves of steel, and often you cannot even tell if he is stressed. He always finds the time to help out or go through things if needed. We communicate openly and aim to foresee upcoming events to avoid chaos. Furthermore, what makes hectic times easier is that we know each other and each other’s work methods and expectations very well. This also enables me to support Klaus in his work to the best of my abilities, thus ensuring the best possible results. Klaus’s ability to remain calm under pressure is something everyone should aim for, and I, for one, have learned from him that doing things in a haste rarely results in anything good.”

Efficient Time Management

“Salla and I cherish a culture of keeping each other up to date on pending projects and developments expected in the near future, which minimises the need to work under great pressure. Salla is excellent at scheduling projects, and she always lets me know how much time she needs to handle tasks without compromising quality. Pressure makes Salla work efficiently, and when it gets hectic, I have found it best to let her work in peace and not disturb her with trivial matters.”

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