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Career Stories | Josefina Aalto, Counsel, Finance

20 May 2024

Josefina Aalto works as a Counsel in our Finance Team. Josefina advises clients on all types of financing transactions, including acquisition finance, real estate finance, project finance, as well as restructuring and refinancing. 

What was the job you dreamed about when you were a child, and how did you end up working at Hannes Snellman?

This may be a cliché but as Ally McBeal was my first exposure to law firms and life of an attorney, one of my dream professions when growing up was to become a lawyer. As for Hannes Snellman, Hannes was a lucky coincidence as I was offered the opportunity to join the nicest banking & finance team in town while I was on parental leave and at the time making career moves wasn't on the top of my mind when trying to navigate life with a new family member. Fortunately, I said yes and have been very happy with my Hannes journey ever since.

How is it to work as a finance lawyer? What is included in your normal working day?

Working as a finance lawyer is both challenging and rewarding as the work is fast-phased and requires constant learning. However, my work is on most days genuinely fun thanks to my superb colleagues. A typical day involves drafting and negotiating finance agreements, advising clients on various aspects of finance law, and collaborating with my colleagues across other business areas.

How do you keep up the balance between work and your private life? What do you think is the best way to relax?

I have one toddler at home, who keeps me super busy, which is by the way great physical and mindfulness exercise. Besides that, I try to squeeze in running and riding whenever I can, as I really enjoy being outdoors in the fresh air.

Please share some of your greatest takeaways from your career as a lawyer?

You shouldn't be afraid of change, and you should lean into new opportunities: whether it's a new type of assignment or a possibility to act as a speaker in an event or attend the firm’s leisure activity. So far, all the new experiences have increased my own resilience and ability to tolerate uncertainty, which is a good skillset in this profession.

Hannes Snellman is cooperating with Päätös, a podcast focused on decision-making, for its fifth season this spring. Inspired by the podcast, we would like to conclude this interview by asking you about decision-making — what would you say is the most significant decision you have made when it comes to your professional life?

Once upon a time I was offered a trainee position in the M&A team of a leading law firm even though I had originally applied for another team and wasn't sure if M&A would be “my thing”. Luckily, I took a leap of faith and accepted the position, which gave me a spark for transactions and eventually led me to working with financing transactions, which still is (after some 10 years later) my bread and butter and something I enjoy doing every day.


FAVOURITE | Way of Commuting: tram; Book: Missä kuljimme kerran (Kjell Westö); Lunch: wherever B&F Lunch Group will lead me; Work Equipment: laptop; Afternoon Routine: Coffee; Mobile Application: Spotify; Relaxation Method: Watching some good tv-series on HBO (succession being one of my all-time favourites); Work Outfit: casual dress; Power Song: Don't Stop Believin; Website: Helsingin sanomat; Social Media Channel: Instagram; Drink: Coffee; Weekday: Friday; Leisure Activity: Running


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