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Career Stories | Emma Andersson, Associate, Private M&A, Stockholm

9 April 2023

How did you get in touch with Hannes?

It was when I studied Civil Law A at Stockholm University and Hannes invited me to the traditional Civil Law Quiz. I was immediately taken aback by the warm atmosphere at Hannes, and when I four semesters later had Hannes's Law Student Trainee Programme (“LSTP”) presented to me at the job fair in Stockholm, I was sure that this was something for me. In LSTP, you work full time for four months in one of our working groups with duties equivalent to a first-year associate. It is a unique opportunity to try out the life at a business law firm during the peaks of the business year, and it is a great opportunity to participate in exciting projects. Therefore, it gives a very fair picture of what the work can look like once you have graduated.

The following summer, I worked as a summer trainee for eight weeks. The tasks corresponded to the ones I had had during my time as a law student trainee. In addition, many social activities were organised, for example after works and boule tournaments together with other summer trainees and lawyers.

For the remainder of my studies, I worked as an evening legal assistant at Hannes Snellman one to two evenings a week and assisted the lawyers with everything from translations and print jobs to due diligence in larger transactions. It was perfect to combine work with your studies, and that is what I did up until I graduated in the spring of 2020, after which I started working as an associate

What are your working days like?

I work as an associate in our Private M&A Team, and I have been here since my first day as a trainee. In Private M&A, we work with company transfers, which include e.g. acquisitions, transfers, and carve-outs, but also the management of transaction structure issues and incentive programmes. Our assignments vary in size, and we work with both industrial clients and private equity players, who all operate within a wide range of industries.

My working days are very varied depending on the phase of the transaction we are working on. Often, we get to be involved early in the client's planning phase of the transaction and then carry out a due diligence review and assist in drawing up and negotiating transaction-related agreements, whereafter we help manage the signing and execution of the transaction. I have felt from day one that Private M&A is right for me — I love the dynamics, the pace, and the fact that we work as a team.

What is the best thing about working at Hannes?

That I have fun at work every day! This is largely because we work with incredibly interesting clients and assignments, but the main reason is my colleagues. In addition to the fact that everyone is so incredibly driven and competent, they are the reason why we have such a warm, inclusive, and non-hierarchical atmosphere here among us. I have not had any Sunday anxiety since I started at Hannes.

Even though I started as a lawyer in the middle of the pandemic (and thus have missed fantastic trips to both the Alps and Åre), I have many nice and fun memories. One fun memory from last winter was when some colleagues and I went over to the Helsinki office to join their Christmas party and danced to Finnish schlager into the early hours. It was very fun to meet so many of our Finnish colleagues that you have previously only met through Teams.

What advice do you have for law students?

My main advice is to try to enjoy your time at the university and to not get carried away by grades and anxiety about the future — the study years go by quickly and it would be a shame to let them be marked by anxiety, stress, and worry! I would also like to advise on making use of the university's close proximity to working life. I don't think you should feel stressed about having to get an extra job if you want to take a few semesters only to focus on your studies and finding your place in the law programme — but there are also many good options how to get your foot into the job market. Many law firms and companies organise events, which is a good way to make contacts and to get an idea of ​​where you would like to look for extra work later (having said that, I must mention Hannes Summer School, which is organised annually in August and is a mixture of interesting workshops and hanging out with the firm's lawyers).

FAVOURITE | Way of Commuting: Taxi. Book: A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting by Kenneth A. Adams. Lunch: Salad or sushi. Podcast: P3 Historia. Work Equipment: My portable radiatorAfternoon Routine: The daily visit to 7-ElevenMobile Application: Outlook. Relaxation method: Long showers and doing my 12-step skin care routineWork Outfit: Cashmere tops. Power Song: Empire State of Mind with Jay-Z and Alicia KeysSocial Media Channel: Instagram. Drink: Prosecco and Aperol SpritzWeekday: Saturday. Leisure Activity: Powerwalking and Megaformer classes.

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