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As an Associate Trainee in the Employment Team

What types of matters does the Employment team handle?
The Employment team handles versatile matters. In practice, client companies contact us with different work life-related matters, such as questions concerning recruitment, terms and conditions of employment, working hours, manager agreements, and termination of employment. The team works with transactions when their content is about labour law. These include handovers, stock trade, and due diligence. In addition, the cooperation procedure process forms one matter entity for our team. We also provide counsel to foreign companies on Finnish employment matters.

What are a trainee’s tasks in the Employment team?
A trainee’s main tasks are matter related information search, investigations, and translation tasks. The trainee participates in weekly and other team meetings and events. Part of the trainee’s job is also drafting blog posts and doing related research.  The main working languages are Finnish and English. In matter work, Swedish is also used.

What qualities does your team value in a trainee and when recruiting a trainee?
Practicality, a proactive attitude, and courage to ask for advice in unclear situations are appreciated above of all. Previous experience within labour law is not required, but a genuine interest towards the field is a prerequisite for a successful trainee period.  In addition, the ability to read people and discretion are appreciated in a trainee.

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