Summer School


Hannes Snellman Summer School is a two-day event consisting of lectures, interactive exercises and workshops, and informal evening events during which our experienced lawyers show the students how business law is put into practice. Hannes Snellman Summer School is designed to be a learning tool for students, and the theme of the summer school changes every year.

For whom?

Hannes Snellman Summer School is aimed at Swedish and Finnish law students who have already completed at least two years of study. In order to apply, you do not need to have any previous studies on the topic, but we do hope that you are enthusiastic about it.

When and where?

Hannes Snellman Summer School takes place at the end of August, every other year at our Stockholm office and every other year at our Helsinki office. The topic of the Summer School is released sometime during the spring.

How to apply?

The application period starts in April and ends in May. More detailed instructions regarding applying are given once the application period starts.


The cost of travel and accommodation is covered for students not living in the city in which the Summer School is held, and all participants will receive a certificate at the end of the Summer School.

For more information, please contact either Annie Tillmo or Sara Tyynysniemi.

Please read more about our previous Summer Schools below.


Summer School 2020 - Behind Closed Doors

The topic of this year’s Summer School is “Behind Closed Doors”. The event will revolve around the topic of how disputes are resolved by arbitration – from the strategy and argumentation to the exchange of written submissions and the final hearing. Apply here!

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event will exceptionally be organised remotely via Microsoft Teams between our two offices. However, the event days remain unchanged, so the Summer School will be taking place on 20-21 August. The students in Sweden will be gathering at Hannes Snellman’s Stockholm office, while the students in Finland will be gathering at the Helsinki office. Travel and accommodation costs of the participants travelling from outside Stockholm and Helsinki will be covered by Hannes Snellman.


Thursday 20 August

Arrival at Hannes Snellman’s Stockholm and Helsinki Office

Welcome and Coffee

Lecture: Arbitration vs Court Proceedings

Panel Discussion: Lessons Learned

Lecture: Learnings from Secondment

Workshop I: Negotiating Arbitration Clauses

Workshop II: Finding Arguments

Dinner & Drinks


Friday 21 August

Expert Session

Lecture: Investment Arbitration

Workshop III: Preparing for Oral Proceedings

Workshop IV: Oral Proceedings

Lecture: International Sports Arbitration

Lecture: Future of Arbitration

Dinner & Drinks