Many of our pro bono clients are long-standing partners of ours, such as UNICEF.

The firm accepts several hands-on projects from UNICEF in which numerous employees of the firm do active pro bono work for the children of the world through UNICEF. The firm is engaged in the administration of the National Committee for UNICEF and participated in the three-person working group representing the members of the boards of 36 National Committees for UNICEF negotiating a new global cooperation agreement between the National Committees and UNICEF, organ of the United Nations. For more information regarding Hannes Snellman's participation with UNICEF, please contact CEO Marja-Riitta Ketola at the Finnish National Committee for UNICEF.

UNICEF (Sweden) is one of the 36 National Committees around the world with the mission to raise funds, influence decision-makers, and inform and spread knowledge concerning children’s rights. Hannes Snellman (Stockholm) has been a local partner of UNICEF since 2014 and regularly advices UNICEF on a pro bono basis.