The Guggenheim Helsinki Supporting Foundation

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation is a non-profit organization that is considered one of the top-tier art institutions in the world, universally recognized for its offerings of exceptional exhibitions and architectural achievements in museum buildings. The Solomon R.  Guggenheim Foundation is committed to furthering contemporary cultural dialogue on a global scale, and Helsinki offers an optimal opportunity to continue to expand this programme. The Guggenheim has long had the ambition to open a fifth museum in Helsinki.

The Guggenheim Helsinki Supporting Foundation was established in the spring of 2014 to support the development of the Guggenheim Helsinki museum. Initially, the foundation supported an open, international architectural competition to generate ideas for the museum building. The winner of the design competition, which attracted entries and attention from all over the world, was announced in June 2015. The Guggenheim Helsinki Supporting Foundation serves its purpose by collecting and using funds to directly or indirectly carry out the tasks set out in its mission statement.

Hannes Snellman has been involved in the work of the foundation since its inception. Our partner Johan Aalto is a member of the board of the foundation and our associate Robert Tallberg serves as the secretary of the foundation.