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Klaus Metsä-Simola to Act as Researcher in CORE Consortium’s Project at the University of Eastern Finland

8 May 2018

Our Specialist Partner Klaus Metsä-Simola has been invited to participate as a researcher in a project by the CORE (Collaborative Remedies for Fragmented Societies) consortium at the University of Eastern Finland. One of the research projects focuses on the development of collaborative actions in environmental planning and decision-making between different parties in the mine areas in the northern Finland. The aim is to find and develop legal tools to help build practical cooperation models and find mechanisms for solving possible disagreements between different parties during the cooperation in the area. Klaus Metsä-Simola has extensive experience in the field of environmental and natural resources law and he also has practical know-how on matters related to mining activities in the Nordic countries.

The project “Collaborative Remedies for Fragmented Societies – Facilitating the Collaborative Turn in Environmental Decision-Making (CORE)”, which is funded by the Strategic Research Council at the Academy of Finland, studies and develops collaborative actions in environmental planning and decision-making. The project is part of the Strategic Research Council’s (SRC) programme “Changing Society and Active Citizenship”. CORE builds on the notions of interdependence and collaborative governance as responses to complex societal problems. The project seeks practices for creating fair, efficient, and knowledge-based solutions to complex problems related to environment and use of natural resources.  The focus is on creating models for joint problem-solving in the Finnish context and supporting the capacities of different actors to use them.


Klaus Metsä-Simola, Specialist Partner | Environment & Natural Resources