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Sweden’s New Foreign Direct Investment Regime Enters into Force

1 December 2023

Do you invest in Swedish businesses? Do those businesses play an important role in the Swedish society? If so, you might fall within the scope of the new Swedish Foreign Direct Investments Act (the “FDI Act”).

Today, on 1 December 2023, the Swedish FDI Act enters into force. This signals a momentous shift in the Swedish transactional landscape: even an acquisition of an interest of as little as 10% in companies in many parts of the Swedish economy now requires official approval before implementation. Throughout next week, two of our experts on foreign direct investment control ― Peter Forsberg and Lars Lundgren ― will walk you through the new legislation, share their insights, and explain the things you need to know about the new screening regime.

Want to know more or think your company might fall within the scope of the FDI act? Don't hesitate to contact us. 

To highlight the topic further, Peter Forsberg and Lars Lundgren have written an article on the new Swedish FDI law that enters into force today. To read the full article, please click here.


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