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Marika Sorsa as Speaker at ST-Akatemia’s Arvonlisäverotusiltapäivä Webinar

12 October 2021

Senior Associate and Attorney-at-Law Marika Sorsa from our Tax Team will be speaking at Arvonlisäverotusiltapäivä – syksyn kick off ajankohtaisiin alv-teemoihin, a webinar hosted by ST-Akatemia, on 13 October 2021. During the webinar, Marika will speak about the recent VAT-related case law and discuss, among numerous other topics, the following:

  • Update on international trade
    • The new VAT-rules of the B2C e-commerce effective as of 1 July 2021
  • Amendments to the articles regarding the transfer of business
  • Changes to the threshold of low activity
  • Updated instructions from the Tax Administration, e.g.:
    • real estate business (rental policies)
    • EU trade in goods
    • deduction rights
  • Update regarding international trade
  • Current case law concerning solutions including:
    • taxation of own use
    • financial and insurance services
    • services sold in connection with educational services
    • indemnity
    • electricity distribution, electricity transmission, data center operations, electricity network service, and invoicing
  • Changes in the VAT return process; current situation


Arvonlisäverotuksen iltapäivä is a webinar which sums up the most topical and important themes related to value added tax, and it provides exact information on the key changes of the VAT.