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Hannes Snellman’s Discussion Event at SuomiAreena 2021 – Recording Available (in Finnish)

19 July 2021

Building a sustainable business is critical for all industries, and sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in the success of all companies. It attracts stakeholders and the public, but the effectiveness of measures is also subject to criticism. Is this a mandatory evil, or do companies really want to act in accordance with the principles of responsibility? Should global minimum standards be set for corporate responsibility by means of regulation? Can operating profit and responsibility go hand in hand in business?

Hannes Snellman organised a discussion event on these topics at SuomiAreena on 16 July 2021. The participants of the discussion were Timo Ahopelto, Founder of Lifeline Ventures, Sonja Finér, Executive Director of Finnwatch ry, Laura Tarkka, Managing Director of Gigantti Oy, and Riikka Rannikko, Managing Partner of Hannes Snellman in Helsinki. The discussion was moderated by Journalist Jussi-Pekka Rantanen.

A recording of the discussion (45 min) is available in Finnish here:

SuomiAreena is the largest social discussion event in Finland during the summer. SuomiAreena was organised for the 15th time, and this year for the first time in a hybrid format, in Helsinki and Pori between 12 and 16 July 2021.