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Anniina Järvinen as a Speaker in KamariPodi by Finland Chamber of Commerce

8 November 2023

Anniina Järvinen discusses the business benefits of sustainability in the new episode of KamariPodi.

Anniina Järvinen is one of the guests in the latest episode of KamariPodi, a podcast series produced by the Finland Chamber of Commerce. The podcast focuses on various topics related to business and society, and the current episode explores the role of sustainability in creating value for businesses and stakeholders.

Anniina, who specialises in corporate law and ESG, shares her insights about the legal and regulatory aspects of responsibility, as well as the opportunities and challenges that arise from the increasing expectations of clients, investors, and regulators.

The host of the podcast is Anne Vanhala, a sustainability expert at the Finland Chamber of Commerce. The other guest is Mia Folkesson, the CEO of Impaktly, a company that helps businesses measure and improve their social and environmental impact.

The podcast episode (in Finnish) is available on various streaming platforms.

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