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Get to Know Us | Sara Mannoun, Law Student Trainee, Dispute Resolution, Stockholm

21 December 2022

How did you find the Law Student Trainee Programme and what made you apply?

I first heard about Hannes Snellman and the Law Student Trainee Programme (LSTP) during a lunch with Sanna, one of the members of Hannes’s Dispute Resolution Team. The lunch was a part of Uppsala’s mentorship programme. Before that, I had no plans to take a break from school, but after hearing about the unique concept of the LSTP, I decided to apply. I am very happy that I did, since Hannes has truly lived up to the impression that I first got: a very warm and welcoming law firm.


What is the greatest lesson from this time that you will carry with you in the future?

I find it hard to pick one, since my time here at Hannes has been rewarding in so many ways. It’s everything from the insights of what it’s like to work at an established law firm to more specific, practical things that you don’t get exposed to during your law studies.


How would you sum up your time here at Hannes Snellman as a law student trainee?

My time at Hannes has involved a tremendous amount of fun, both workwise and socially.


What was the best part and what was the most challenging part of your traineeship?

The best thing about working as a trainee was the everyday opportunity to challenge yourself professionally and of course the added bonus of meeting so many new people. My team members have been extremely helpful by sharing their knowledge, and I have learned a lot by just observing their way of working and taking on different tasks.

The most challenging part has been going from always having an academical perspective on a question or issue to having a client-related perspective. Even though I reckon that dispute resolution is the most similar to what you do in school, it has indeed been a challenge.


How would you describe the culture at Hannes Snellman?

The culture at Hannes is, as previously stated, very welcoming and accepting. The different working groups always help each other to reach the best possible result, which contributes to a very friendly environment with a tight-knit group of people.


Would you recommend a friend to apply to the Law Student Trainee Programme at Hannes Snellman?

100 %, Hannes is a full-service law firm and has something that matches everyone’s interest!

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