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Get to Know Us | Emilia Lindgren, Associate Trainee, Helsinki

8 March 2021

We interviewed Emilia Lindgren, who works as an associate trainee in our IP & Technology Team at Hannes Snellman’s Helsinki office. Emilia is currently studying law at the University of Helsinki and plans to graduate in 2022.

Hi Emilia, how are you?

Hi! I am doing fine, thank you, despite these slightly difficult times.

You started your traineeship a couple of weeks ago. How has it been? What kind of matters have you been handling in your first weeks?

It has been great! All in all, working remotely has started out really well, even though meeting new colleagues only through video calls has been a somewhat new situation for me. Anyway, I have still felt extremely welcome to the Hannes team since day one.

Within the first weeks, I have already been handed a lot of different tasks, and I feel that I am being relied on. I have, for example, conducted legal research on various subjects related to data protection and IPR, translated different kinds of documents, written articles, and helped with due diligence. In addition, I have been able to exchange ideas on how to tackle problems our clients face.

What do you like most about your job at Hannes?

I love the fact that I get to dive into the areas of law that interest me the most, in inspiring company. It is refreshing that the working days are rarely similar to each other, learning new is literally possible every day. Moreover, I feel that my work is valued, and my colleagues often take the time to give feedback, which has helped me to gain more professional confidence in myself.

As a counterbalance to daily work, Hannes also organises various activities and events, remotely at the time, of course, which have been important especially to us newcomers in order to get to know our colleagues. Just a while ago, I spent a lovely evening cooking and getting out of a virtual escape room together with my team, for instance. In addition, there are also weekly virtual coffee breaks with other trainees, for example.

I think everyone at Hannes is also open to constantly improve the working conditions, and everyone is encouraged to tell their opinion.

Now that you have gained some work experience and completed most of your studies at law school, do you have any goals for your future career as a lawyer?

Oh, that is a tough question indeed. Honestly speaking, I do not have very clear plans yet. However, I think that my traineeship at Hannes has further boosted my interest in IPR and data protection. Thus, it is more than possible that I will be working with these fields of law in the future as well. I will be keeping my eyes open for new challenges.

What advice would you give to someone who has just started their studies at law school?

Most importantly, I would advise you not to stress too much about studies or about getting the first job in the legal field. At least I wish I had stressed a lot less during my first years at law school. Everything will turn out just fine.

Secondly, I would advise you to try different things. There are a lot of different kinds of traineeships out there; trying is the way to find out what kind of working environment suits you best. Try taking courses outside law as well, if you have time. That might be enlightening. Getting involved in organisational activities or clubs may bring some amazing new people to your life, so that is on my list of advice as well.

Lastly (and despite the previous point), do not tire yourself out. Your own well-being is always more important than gaining work experience or getting good grades.


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