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Career Stories | Victor Bjerselius, Associate, Dispute Resolution

26 April 2022

We interviewed Victor Bjerselius, associate in our Dispute Resolution Team, who recently came back from his service as a law clerk at the District Court of Södertörn. 

Tell us about your time at the District Court

I worked as a law clerk at the District Court of Södertörn, south of Stockholm, for just about a year and a half. Prior to that, I worked as an associate here at Hannes Snellman in the Dispute Resolution Team for about a year subsequent to my graduation from Uppsala University. As a law clerk, I got to help judges form their opinions on legal cases through research and handling paperwork. My duties included, among other things, creating trial briefings, writing legal documents, performing other administrative duties, and communicating with legal counsel and parties about the progress of their case.


What is the most valuable skill you’ve gained?

It is hard to pick just one! My work at the District Court was mainly related to criminal matters, which was something that I had not come across earlier in my career. I found it very interesting, and I certainly believe that it has given me a better understanding of how the legal system works in in our society.


It is also my firm belief that I now have a much better understanding of how a case is being handled and processed at a court. Furthermore, I believe that my legal skills have improved quite a bit. I have also made connections that I believe will benefit me in the future. In conclusion, I am very satisfied with the time that I spent at the court and all the experiences that I have gained.


What was the biggest difference as far as the way of work is concerned?

The work at the District Court is in many ways different from the work at the firm. In my experience, the work at the District Court is in some ways more hectic and issues constantly arise that need to be addressed, often within a tight schedule. At the same time, that was also what made the work fun and interesting. It could also be noted that my entire time at the District Court was spent during the pandemic. The pandemic presented several challenges for the court and those of us working there, and many adjustments had to be made in order for the proceedings to be conducted smoothly.


One of the main tasks of being a law clerk is to keep minutes during trials. Once you have gained enough experience, you are also entitled to lead your own negotiations. You are allowed to rule on both minor criminal cases as well as small civil claims. I was rather nervous the first time I was going to chair my own negotiation. However, once I got more experienced, I found this line of work very rewarding, and it ended up being one of the duties that I enjoyed the most.


How does it feel to be back at Hannes Snellman?

It feels great to be back at Hannes Snellman! I have missed the team and being back at the office


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