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Career Stories | Johanna Wärnberg, Partner, Private M&A, Stockholm

11 April 2023

We interviewed Johanna Wärnberg back in 2019, when she was working as a specialist partner, and we now asked her to reflect on the differences between these two roles. We also asked her if something other than just the title has changed over the years.

The last time you were interviewed was in 2019. Would you like to give a brief update on how your role at Hannes Snellman has developed since then?

When I was interviewed in 2019, I had just started at Hannes, so I feel that a lot has happened since then. At the time, I already had a very good feeling about Hannes and all the fantastic colleagues. That feeling has only strengthened during these years because I have, among other things, been reassured that I share the same values with Hannes, and I have gotten to know both colleagues and the company much better.

During these years, we have also built fun and inspiring client relationships, as a result of which we have been able to participate in and contribute to a lot of exciting projects. It has also been very rewarding to see our younger colleagues develop and to be able to build a close-knit team together with them. I have also had the honour of going from a specialist partner to partner, which I am very happy about!

What is the biggest difference between working as a specialist partner and partner at Hannes Snellman?

In practice, the difference is not that great. As a specialist partner, I already had a lot of insight and was very involved in both company and group matters. Of course, however, becoming a partner is great because I am now a co-owner of the company and get to decide and influence the matters surrounding the company and the company’s future, which I really like.

In your previous interview, you described the wonderful atmosphere and professionalism at Hannes Snellman. Does this still reflect your view of Hannes Snellman as a workplace?

Yes! I really like the atmosphere here, which I find to be happy, open, helpful, and professional. It makes me very happy when our clients give us feedback that, in addition to being very good at what we do, we are also a fun and positive group of people who take ownership for everything we do, as I believe that it is important to have the whole package (merely being a good lawyer is not good enough).

What is the best thing about working in Private M&A?

My fantastic colleagues, our clients, and being able to participate in and contribute to exciting transactions.

What advice would you now give to yourself back in 2019 when you were last interviewed?

Just do your best, and everything will work out!


FAVOURITE | Book: I read/listen to a lot of books, so unfortunately I have no one favourite. The audiobook I am currently listening to is “Before You Took Us” by Lisa Wingate; Lunch: I basically eat everything!; Podcast: Oh, I rarely listen to these, so unfortunately there is no favourite!; Work tools: My laptop; Afternoon routine: Picking the kids up on the days that I’m in charge or having a Coke Zero on the days I’m not.; Mobile app: Outlook, LinkedIn, or Insta!; Relaxation method: Running; Work outfit: This is a difficult question. Often a dress/skirt, but the most important thing is that I feel comfortable and nice!

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