The Grey Zone | Book Release Event on 30 August

27 June 2019


The Grey Zone book release tour will arrive to Helsinki at the end of August. We are hosting the exclusive book release event at the Helsinki office on Friday 30 August at 9.00 - 10.30 am.

In the book the authors Michaela Ahlberg and Anna Romberg describe what it takes to put the policies, processes and framework of compliance in place. This is hard work indeed, but not enough to ensure real and lasting change. To achieve change one must also look at the compliance methodology as a tool to make the dilemmas visible, enablingand empowering leaders to tackle them. Dilemmas are rarely black or white, different priorities and human factors add to the complexity creating a grey zone of right and wrong. The book shows leaders how to step up and navigate the grey zone to make decisions, defining who they and their companies truly are.


Opening words, Riikka Rannikko, Managing Partner, Hannes Snellman
Presentation of 'the Grey Zone', Michaela Ahlberg and Anna Romberg, authors 

Panel discussion "the Grey Zone from a board, CEO and advisor perspective" 

Kirsi Komi, Board Professional
Mika Vehviläinen, CEO, Cargotec Oyj
Markus Manninen, Specialist Partner, Hannes Snellman
Michaela Ahlberg, Anna Romberg, Moderators


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