Hannes Snellman's 2013 Donations

10 December 2013

We believe in being a good corporate citizen and working on a common goal within the Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

This year Hannes Snellman continues its long-term support of UNICEF. In addition, we make donations to “Mødrehjælpen” (an organisation supporting young, single mothers) and “Children of the World” in Denmark. In Finland, we also make a donation to “Uusi Lastensairaala 2017” (an organization raising funds to build a new children’s hospital in Helsinki) and in Russia, we support “Advita” (a charity supporting children suffering from cancer). Our Swedish donation is divided between “Tjejzonen” (an organisation supporting young girls and working against racism, violence, bullying, oppression and abuse) and “Ung Cancer” (an organisation dedicated to helping young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer).

We sincerely believe in the recipient organisations’ efforts and the difference they make in the lives of people who are in need.