Hannes Snellman supports the Mount Everest clean-up expedition - Saving Mount Everest 2011-12

27 January 2011

Mount Everest is listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, and in order to preserve the regions’ unique character and ensure that Nepal remains an attractive tourist destination for both adventurers and nature enthusiasts even in the future, Mount Everest needs to be cleaned up. Between 8 - 10 tons of garbage will be removed from a height of 8 500 meters and hauled off to the base camp at 5 450 meters where it will be disposed. The goal of this long-term project is to help Nepal establish an infrastructure for waste management which will ensure preservation of this unique region for coming generations. The project is coordinated by ECO Himal, Society for Cooperation Alps-Himalaya with more than twenty years’ experience of education and project management in the mountain areas of Nepal, and Everest Summiteers Association, the Nepalese mountaineers’ trade union.

For more information about the project please use the following link: Saving Mount Everest