Hannes Snellman Charity Donations 2010

21 December 2010

In line with the Hannes Snellman tradition, we have during 2010 been involved in a wide range of pro bono work and in addition to this, made the decision to make donations to three important projects: Unicef’s Schools for Africa project, La Casa de Panchita and the Moola foundation.

UNICEF’s Schools for Africa project was launched in 2004 in partnership with the Nelson Mandela foundation and the Hamburg society for the promotion of democracy and international law. The aim of the intervention is to mobilize resources to support the efforts of six countries, namely Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe, in providing quality basic education for some 4 million children with special focus on girls, orphans and other vulnerable children.

La Casa de Panchita is an organization helping domestic workers, young girls, in Lima, Peru. The objectives of the organization is to defend the rights of underprivileged persons, such as young girls, as well as to encourage the state and the civil society to carry into effect the rights of these underprivileged minors.

Moola foundation is a charity aiming at establishing a nursery in southern India within 2-5 years time. The foundation and the project was launched in 2009.