AI, blockchain, smart contracts, and big data are all examples of tech buzzwords that have started to impact the way of working in all kinds of industries. This will also most likely have a big effect in the legal industry and change the demands for future lawyers. To be able to understand how these innovations should be interpreted in relation to law, you need to understand the underlying technology. Therefore, we wanted to prepare the students to start thinking in these terms in a more practical way.

For the 2018 Hannes Snellman Summer School, we established the popular case competition Snelltech, in which students develop their own legal tech innovations, such as a product, concept, or an idea for a legal start-up. Thereafter, they pitch their innovations to a jury that elects a winner. The Summer School participants described it as the highlight of the event.

The success of Snelltech has continued ever since, and the case competition has been arranged multiple times at various internal and external events in both Stockholm and Helsinki. After pitching against several other Swedish law firms, Snelltech was selected as the main act at the external event Tech Academy in Lund because of our previous experience of legal tech case competitions.