Meet our Trainees

Hannah Judd, Legal Assistant Trainee, M&A, Helsinki


When did you start working at Hannes Snellman?

"I started working as a legal assistant trainee at Hannes Snellman in January 2017."

What is included in a “normal” working day?

"It’s difficult to describe a “normal” working day, since every day is so different. There are some tasks that are done on a daily basis, such as posting hours, but most job tasks vary daily. Mostly, I assist lawyers in their daily work, help with documentation management, filing, printing, and several other tasks. Depending on ongoing projects, days vary from quiet to more upbeat. The versatility of the job is one of the many things I’ve enjoyed during my time at Hannes Snellman."

What has been the best thing in your traineeship so far?

"The atmosphere, colleagues, and the job itself. The welcoming was warm, colleagues are always ready to help, and the job tasks are really interesting. Learning a completely new field of work with all the tasks that go with it and getting to do it all with such dedicated people has also been a pleasure."

What has been the hardest/most challenging thing in your traineeship so far?

"I think in the beginning learning so many new things and working in multiple groups simultaneously was a challenge, nevertheless extremely productive and educational. In my opinion, multitasking is also a key skill for an assistant, so this has definitely been the best practice for it."

Can you describe the Hannes Snellman culture?

"The work community is very active and collaborative. Everyone genuinely wants to help one another and is deeply passionate about what they do."


Knowledge Management Trainees, Helsinki


Our KM trainees assist lawyers in research and fact-finding. They also have a remarkable role supporting the Knowledge Management team in managing the library collections. A couple of our KM trainees – Teemu, Anton, Eveliina, and Minja (missing from the photo above) – described the highlights and challenges of their KM traineeship in the following way:

“The best thing in my traineeship so far has been the number of new things I learn every day. My traineeship has taught me not only valuable lessons about the current globalised legal environment we work with, but also what kind of a lawyer I want to become one day.”

“Learning what high quality of work means at Hannes Snellman and applying it into my everyday work has been challenging to master, but at the same time, it has been one of the most rewarding things my traineeship has offered me. I have learned how my work affects the way we serve our clients and how truly important quality, trust, and accuracy is in the field of law.”

“The most challenging thing in my traineeship has been looking for answers to questions that have rarely been asked by anyone before. These tasks usually turn out to be the most interesting ones.”

“Learning new, succeeding in challenging tasks, and carrying out legal information searches in “burning” legal topics have been the best things my KM traineeship has offered me. There are always challenges in complicated tasks but to me they are a positive thing and the best way to develop my personal problem solving skills.”

“The best and most inspiring aspect of working at Hannes Snellman has been the trust and belief put into trainees to take part in challenging and interesting assignments. Through these intriguing challenges I've been able to develop both professionally and personally, and I've gotten experience that will surely be of value in the future, too.”


Associate Trainees, Helsinki


As the halfway of the summer associate trainee period is getting close, we asked our trainees to share their experiences from the trainee period so far. All 14 summer associate trainees have had their hands full with project work in the different fields of law and enjoyed the opportunity to learn from their team members as well as each other. Here’s how some of our associate trainees describe the highlights and challenges of the first half of their traineeship:

“The best part of my traineeship has been the wide variety of tasks that have landed on my desk – I never expected I would learn so much in such a short time. My team members have embraced me well and we have a great group of summer associate trainees.”

“The welcoming atmosphere at HS is impressive – everyone was eager to make us new trainees feel at home and seemed genuinely happy to have us. I have also been positively surprised by the pedagogical approach here: it seems to be important to the lawyers that I know the backgrounds of my tasks and that I learn and get as much out of my traineeship as possible. I am only at the beginning of my four-month period at Hannes Snellman, but it just keeps getting more interesting and challenging by the day!”

“The best thing about being an associate trainee at Hannes Snellman is learning something new almost every day. It has been inspiring to have met so many talented and ambitious people who have achieved so much in life despite their young age.”

“I have been given tasks that have truly given me the chance to take responsibility and to show what I’ve learned during my studies and previous work experience.”

“Without a doubt, the best thing about my traineeship so far has been the people. Even though I love what I do and the challenges I get to face on a day-to-day basis, almost half of the fun comes out of working with a bunch of great and passionate people. It feels outstanding waking up every morning and not being able to wait to get to work!”

“I’ve really enjoyed working at Hannes Snellman. People here are ambitious and motivated but also very friendly and welcoming. Working here has given me valuable insight into how law is applied in practice.”

“The traineeship has provided me an opportunity to deepen my understanding of both legal and business aspects of complex transactions. The traineeship has been an interesting and challenging learning experience made possible by working with experts in the field.”

“Definitely the inspiring fellow workers and easy-going work atmosphere. I’ve been given a lot of responsibilities and I feel like I’m part of the team.”

From time to time, working in a Nordic law firm can also be demanding and challenging. According to our associate trainees, the challenges faced by trainees relate to complex cases, surfing between projects and schedules as well as first-time-ever experiences:

The traineeship puts your organisational skills to work as the work day may suddenly change course. However, busy and varying days keep work interesting and challenging.”

“I have a strong feeling that associate trainees are truly trusted at Hannes Snellman, since some of my tasks have been very challenging. However, I’m happy to take the challenges, since I learn the most from those really challenging cases.”

“As this is my first internship in a law firm, each day has been filled with “first time ever” experiences. This has definitely been the most challenging, and yet, absolutely the best aspect of this job so far.”

“To truly grasp all the different aspects of a complex transaction not only from a legal perspective but also from a business point of view.”

“I found it interesting but quite challenging to quickly jump into and understand a project that has been going on for a while already.”

“Sometimes it’s difficult to predict how your day is going to turn out as schedules can change fast. At the same time, this keeps the work interesting.”

To learn more about our Associate Trainee Programme, please visit here.


Anton Backman, Knowledge Management Trainee, Knowledge Management, Helsinki


When did you start working at Hannes Snellman?
I joined Hannes Snellman as a Knowledge Management Trainee in the spring of 2017. I had previous experience from Hannes Snellman working as an Office Support Trainee, and therefore returning to the same firm felt somewhat natural to me.

What is included in a normal working day?
A normal working day at the KM desk includes both routine tasks relating to editing pieces of news and managing the library collections, as well as more dynamic and varying assignments ranging from fact-finding to compilation of legal and other research material.

Can you describe your working group?
The KM team is a small working group, a task force ready to dig for information and facts to support the lawyers’ work. The advantage of having a tight-knit team is that you really get to know your peers while simultaneously exposing yourself to a steep learning curve as you constantly learn new things both from your fellow trainees as well as your superiors.

What do you like about your job?
What’s really great about the KM Trainee position is that you are placed at a vantage point overlooking all the different practice areas of the firm, rather than just focusing on one of them. The KM Trainee position provides an outstanding opportunity to familiarise yourself with all the different aspects of business law and at the same time to sharpen your organisational skills to the max. Plus the people I get to work with are really cool.

Can you describe the Hannes Snellman culture?
A culture with a strong sense of sparring and encouraging a team of talented individuals. An open-minded firm ready to take on the toughest challenges with a straightforward approach and a true can-do attitude.


Axel Jönsson, Law Student Trainee, Finance, Stockholm


When did you start working at Hannes Snellman?
- I started working as a law student trainee on 1 February 2017.

What is included in a “normal” working day?
- I am still not entirely sure what a normal working day looks like! The working environment and the assignments are very dynamic, and they differ a from day to day. Generally speaking, one can say that I make myself useful wherever my services are needed. This could mean anything from assisting our associates with drafting different documents to  conducting investigations on certain areas of the law.

Can you describe your working group?
- My working group consists of two partners, two senior associates, four associates, three assistants, and myself. We all work together as a team, and since we are in an office landscape, you constantly feel like you are part of that team.

What do you like about your job?
- As I stated above, my job is really dynamic and no two days are the same, which makes working here a constant learning process. I leave the workplace every day feeling like I have learned a lot, and I am always eager to come back the next day to apply my newly acquired knowledge as well as to learn new things. All this is what makes it so exciting to be working here!

Can you describe the Hannes Snellman culture?
- Team-oriented, open-minded, and encouraging!


Julia Parikka, Thesis Trainee, Employment, Helsinki


When did you start working at Hannes Snellman?
- I joined Hannes Snellman as an associate trainee in the summer of 2016, and ever since then I have been working in our Employment practice group. This upcoming summer, I will be writing my master's thesis in the same practice group and, thus, I will be conducting a research in the field of Finnish labour law.

What is included in a “normal” working day?
- One thing that always stays the same for me is a good cup of coffee at our Café Courtyard in the mornings. I am rather convinced that the working days of our associate trainees vary a lot, but my daily tasks usually include a broad range of assignments that focus on challenges in relation to managing human resources across and within organisational and national boundaries. I conduct legal research, prepare client presentations, draft and review client documentation, such as employment agreements, as well as handle regulatory filings with the authorities. I  also work in the M&A group, so in addition to employment matters, I also assist in tasks relating to general corporate and M&A assignments.

As a thesis trainee, my daily work will consist of highly independent research and writing. As I will be writing my master’s thesis in the summer, I will most definitely enjoy my lunch breaks at our rooftop terrace with my colleagues. I see it as a great advantage to be able to discuss ideas regarding my research with Hannes Snellman’s top practitioners as well as other thesis trainees.

Can you describe your working group?
- My working group always focuses on getting the job done well, and our team spirit is great, so it has been very motivating to work with and learn from these talents. The people I get to work with are appreciative, smart, and collaborative.

What do you like about your job?
- The best part of my job is the people I get to work with. We have a cohesive team, and working with people who are more experienced than I am creates a great learning environment for a rookie like me. I find myself learning new things every day.

Can you describe the Hannes Snellman culture?
- From my point of view, the Hannes Snellman culture supports a straightforward and solution-oriented approach as well as the continuous learning experience of its employees. This has been my impression since day one, and since then I have also learned that the working environment at the office is surprisingly casual and truly cooperative. Our team leaders are very encouraging and there is always someone to help you when you face a tricky question.

When we started as associate trainees, we were taken in with open arms, and I feel that the same warm spirit has continued throughout my traineeship. I enjoy our office’s social activities, which makes Hannes Snellman not only a great place to work, but also a community with a sense of belonging.