HS Academy – learning platform

Continuous learning is crucial for our employees and our firm. In addition to learning by doing, we have a structured learning platform, HS Academy, which consists of a comprehensive introductory training programme and internal and external lectures covering legal training and professional skills training.


Learning by Doing, Tutoring, Orientation Days

The Hannes Snellman induction will provide you with basic tools to perform your tasks and enable you to become a useful and integrated member of our team and culture. During the induction period, you will also be assigned a tutor. The purpose of a tutor is to introduce you to the social activities and make you feel welcome. An induction is arranged locally at each office whenever a new employee starts. The main focus of the induction is to introduce you to Hannes Snellman and provide hands-on and practical training in the workplace.

Legal Training

Learning by doing is the most important part of our employees’ legal training. In addition, we also offer legal training of various kinds. We offer basic courses that aim to give you an up-to-date overview of all core fields of law practised at Hannes Snellman and advanced training based on your role and growing experience. HS Academy Legal Training is a great way to get to know our specialists and to share knowledge.

Professional Skills Training

We provide learning opportunities that boost our employees’ professional identity, job satisfaction, and career development. We encourage employees to take responsibility for their own professional development and support them by providing relevant training sessions for example in project management and leadership skills.